Lala: Holly Golightly

hollygolightlyScreenshot bei kassel-live

Holly Golightly heißt so, sie hat bloß das Smith am Ende verschwinden lassen.

Ich komme nicht aus einer Musikerfamilie. Ich bin bei meinen Großeltern aufgewachsen. Mein Opa war ein Kohlearbeiter in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. Es gab ein Klavier zu Hause, aber ich hatte keine Lust, das zu lernen. Ich habe meine erste Gitarre gekauft und versucht, wie „The Damned“ zu spielen. Natürlich konnte ich das nicht schaffen, weil ich nur über dieses Gitarrenbuch „If I were a hammer“ gelernt hatte. … Später habe ich mir einen Verstärker gekauft, und dann klang die Gitarre schon sehr viel besser.

Golightly says she specialises in the grand tradition of love-gone-wrong songs. „I can vent all my venom in song but I’m really quite a nice person the rest of the time.“

„I don’t know if I can even differentiate between genres of contemporary music. I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch music on the television. I’ve collected records for a long time and I’m interested in how things came about and in trying to make my own version of it.“

(aus einem Interview mit The Sydney Morning Herald ‚Jack doesn’t live here‘)


Holly has collaborated with all kinds of folks, including the 1999 release with Billy Childish ‚In Blood‘, on which the two gleefully celebrate one chord, one sound, one song.  Another notable collaboration is 2001’s ‚Desperate Little Town‘ with Dan Melchior.  After playing with The White Stripes in the USA, and supporting them at a few London shows, the three of them became friends, and the trio recorded ‚It’s True That We Love One Another‘, for the White Stripes album Elephant. Holly has also recorded with The Greenhornes and they released a special Christmas 2002 single together on Damaged Goods called Little Stars. Holly also appears on the Greenhornes album Dual Mono. She has also been a guest vocalist on various other bands projects, including live with Mudhoney and Rocket From The Crypt, appearing on several releases with them.  On the b-side of her 7″ Walk A Mile, there’s an exclusive duet, ‚Don’t Fuck Around With Love‘, featuring the ever-so wonderful Sexton Ming. And well worth a listen is her guest vocal on The Flaming Stars new album, ‚Born Under A Bad Neon Sign‘.

Holly also sings the title song, ‚Theres An End‘, for the recent Jim Jarmusch movie Broken Flowers and has another song included on the movie soundtrack:

Mehr aus dem Syndney-Morning-Herald-Interview:

The White Stripes‘ midas touch helped nudge Golightly into the mainstream music press, but she wasn’t looking to get there. The veteran performer formed her first band, an all-girl garage group Thee Headcoatees, a splinter group from Billy Childish’s Headcoats, in London in 1991. She started writing her own material a decade ago, averaging a new album a year since. She shrugs off the „prolific“ tag. „Anyone who writes songs ought to be able to come up with 12 decent ones a year.“ Until recently, fame has not been an issue.

„It’s not something I’ve courted,“ Golightly says. „The acknowledgements that I get are very nice and it’s all quite amusing to me, but it’s not the reason I do it.“ She laughs. „I don’t think I’d like it if people knew who I was in the street.“

It might make her occasional day job as a manager of public housing in London a little more challenging, too.

„That’s actually not what I’m qualified in – I’m a horse rider by trade,“ she says. „I was a professional horse rider until I had an accident, so that’s why I had to get a desk job.“

This is by far the most unusual career trajectory I’ve ever heard of, let alone run in parallel with a busy, independent music career. She explains it best herself.

„When I first left school, I did an apprenticeship [as a jockey] and worked in racing for a few years, then went up to London where I proceeded to do f— all except be a punk rocker and buy records for about five years,“ she says. „I got fed up with London and moved back out to the country. I was working in California training endurance horses when I got a very busted foot about three years ago.“

That would explain White’s line in the song: „Y’know I gave that horse a carrot so he’d break your foot.“ Golightly laughs.

„Yes, I had my foot in plaster when we recorded the White Stripes song.“

Über ihrer Tour List steht:

Well, like buses you wait for a fair old while and then 15 turn up…

Ich habe sie vor ein paar Jahren im schlimm fehlenden Festsaal Kreuzberg gesehen und das war: ein Traum in Tüten.

3 Kommentare zu „Lala: Holly Golightly

    1. Dankeschön! Black Man in a white World ist auch mein Favorit. Das Händeklatschen erinnert an Green Garden/Laura Mvula, n’est ce pas?

      Irgendwer Schlaues sagte mal, daß der Musikgeschmack bis spätestens 25 geprägt ist und man anschließend nur noch wiedererkennt. Würde ich nicht in solcher Ausschließlichkeit formulieren, aber was dran ist schon.

      1. Das Händeklatschen erinnert an Green Garden/Laura Mvula, n’est ce pas?
        Yep, definitiv.
        Irgendwer Schlaues sagte mal, daß der Musikgeschmack bis spätestens 25 geprägt ist und man anschließend nur noch wiedererkennt.
        Fühle mich ertappt …;)… Grooven muss es, und je länger man im Laufe des Lebens die Hüften schwingen kann, desto besser für den Bewegungsapparat ..:)))))


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